Heck yeah, rolling AND rolling.
Awesome Tabletop Gaming Character Miniatures In Wheelchairs

These are four characters from the Dungeons & Diversity line of tabletop gaming figurines created by Strata Miniatures that feature heroes in wheelchairs. Specifically, a human druid, elf rogue, teifling cleric, and dwarf barbarian. You can get a resin or metal figurine starting at £15 (~$20), or the 3D printing file to create them yourself for £5 (~$6.50), with 25% of all sales going to a charity that supports the physically challenged. What a beautiful idea, making inclusive character models that players can relate to. You know it’s kinda funny, I never imagined in my life that I’d be getting teary-eyed over some tabletop gaming miniatures on an idle Wednesday afternoon in August, and yet here we are.

Keep going for shots of the rest of the party.