*sad trombone*
Can Opener Bridge Just Barely Claims A Crane Truck

This is a video from the Can Opener Bridge (aka the 11-foot-8 Bridge, now the 11-foot8+8 or 12-foot-4 bridge since it was raised 8-inches in 2019, officially the Norfolk Southern–Gregson Street Overpass) claiming victim number 161, this time a crane truck that’s slightly higher in the back and doesn’t set off the emergency system that would normally turn the traffic light red and indicate the truck must turn left. Details at 11! (Actually 9:48AM):

On March 31, a crane truck hit the Gregson St can opener and knocked it around pretty good. The hinge of the crane got stuck between the crash beam and the bridge, and they had to completely flatten the tires of the truck to get it out.The bridge also had to be inspected, so the next train could cross it. It took over an hour to get the truck out, but at least one lane was still open, and traffic is not yet back up to pre-pandemic levels.

See, if only that crane truck had stepped on the gas I guarantee it would have been riding low enough on its suspension to clear the bridge. But noooooooo, nobody listens to me when I say you should be doing at least 70MPH to safely pass under bridges. I swear it’s like I talk and no sound comes out. Now do it again with the crane at full mast.

Keep going for this video, as well as a BONUS 2020 Can Opener Bridge crash compilation.