Well at least it wasn't a #2, at least there's that.
Caught On Camera: Water Treatment Plant Work Pees In Water Supply

This is a local news report featuring security cam footage of 57-year old Michael Mastin of Baton Rouge, Louisiana relieving himself into one of the water treatment tanks at the Donaldsonville water plant, where he worked. Unfortunately for him, the act proved detrimental to his career, and he was fired and arrested for “two counts of contaminating water supplies and two counts of criminal damage to a critical infrastructure.” Authorities insured local residents not to worry though, and that multiple tests of the water supply “continued to meet safe drinking requirements,” leading me to speculate just what those requirements are. It’s liquid, and it’s clear-ish, I think we’re good here. The video also includes an interview at the end with a local man who apparently doesn’t care who pees in his water. Valuable information if you’ve been itching to pee in somebody’s water.