We were just leaving, I swear.
Grizzly Bear Stands Up In Front Of Truck, Shows Full Size

This is a video from a couple Canadian deer hunters of a mama grizzly bear standing up in front of their truck to investigate the vehicle and make sure it doesn’t pose a threat to her cubs. In one of the hunter’s own words while I remind Goldilocks that the precarious nature of human/bear relationships is all her fault:

“Video was shot near Edson, Alberta Saturday am Oct 31. We were out hunting deer. We left the area out of respect for the grizzly family.”

Lots of insight there. For a second there I almost mistook it for a TED Talk. You know I actually gave a TED Talk a few years back but they never posted it online because “We never asked for this,” and “It was just a video of giving a weather report in front of a poster of Middle Earth.” Apparently they weren’t ready for true genius.