Now that -- that looks like a magical night.
Pizza Hut’s 15-Pound Weighted Original Pan Pizza Blanket

Always dreamed of a 72-inch, 15-pound circular weighted blanket with a Pizza Hut cheese and pepperoni pizza printed on it? Well no need to dream, because Pizza Hut teamed up with weighted blanket manufacturer Gravity Blanket to bring us just that in the form of this $150 Original Pan Weighted Blanket. Some more details while I order Dominos for lunch because there isn’t a Pizza Hut near me, although I do prefer their pizza:

Simulating the feeling of eating a legendary thick Original Pan® pizza from Pizza Hut, the Original Pan Weighted Blanket by Pizza Hut x Gravity Blanket will bring comfort to your entire body. Combining the power of the revolutionary, science-backed “deep touch pressure stimulation” with the delectable design of the Original Pan Pizza, you’ll achieve deeper sleep and may even have some pizza cravings.

You ever eaten hot and fresh pizza in bed before? It’s a special kind of feeling. It’s like I know I shouldn’t be doing this and it probably makes me a monster, but it feels so, SO right. Then next thing you know you’re rubbing a slice of cheese and mushroom all over your topless chest and your girlfriend starts screaming because these are new sheets and there’s no way that grease is ever coming out and now my back hurts from sleeping on the couch the past two weeks.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees it would be even more divine to lay under 15 pounds of actual pizza.