The bread always sucks!
How Pre-Packaged Gas Station Sandwiches Are Made

This is a clip from How It’s Made detailing how those overpriced pre-packaged sandwiches you find at gas stations are made. SPOILER: not in any way that makes them more appetizing, I don’t care how much you love robot mayo. Those sandwiches are rarely good, even when you pay $18 for one at an airport. That said, there used to be a run-down gas station by my house in Virginia that sold THE BEST pre-packaged tuna salad sandwiches (and moonshine in repurposed gallon milk jugs). They were so good I would inhale them. And, one time, having inhaled one in the car a little too fast and feeling like a ball of that tuna glue was stuck in my throat, I puked out the window just as I was pulling into my driveway. A couple quick gulps of my 32oz Nesquik later and I was ready for my second sandwich!