How To: Make A Realistic Corn On The Cob Cake

This is a video of Austin, Texas based Sideserf Cakes owner Natalie Sideserf demonstrating how to make a very realistic looking corn on the cob cake. Mmmm, bitcorns. Personally, I feel like the whole thing should have a glossy exterior like the bit under the melted butter for even extra realism. Of course constructing a realistic corn on the cob cake does involve making and placing a ton of individual corn kernels, leading me to believe it would just be a lot easier to make a shitty, burnt Funfetti cake like I always do. *pretends to jump out of small, lopsided cake, rips shirt off* HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, HONEY! “I just got you that shirt for Christmas.” Sooooo…should we get naked here or up in bed?

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  1. Jenness

    Yeah but what do they taste like? Is that “modeling chocolate” any good?