Oh heck yeah, you know how I feel about doing battle!
Hydraulic Press Kitchen Knife Battles: There Can Be Only One

Presumably to show Consumer Reports how tests should actually be conducted, this is a video from The Hydraulic Press channel, who created a bracket of different priced kitchen knives, then pitted them against each other to see who will the championship. Me? I would have destroyed all these knives because I am HARDENED VALYRIAN STEEL. I’m kidding, I’m a jelly roll. I auditioned for the part of the Pillsbury Doughboy and got turned down for being too doughy. Admittedly, at any given moment I am at least 2% doughnut by body weight, and I pride myself in that. I can smell a Krispy Kreme from two miles away even before they turn the ‘HOT NOW’ light on.