Well, it's official: everything has been invented now.
I’m Skeptical: PB-JIFE!, “The Ultimate Peanut Butter Knife”

This is the PB-JIFE!, a confusingly named product that is allegedly the “ultimate peanut butter knife.” It’s supposed to do a better job stirring, scraping and cleaning peanut butter jars than the butter knife you’ve been using. And it sure as hell better too, considering it costs $23. Shoot, for $23 it better be able to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for me. AND cut the crust off, AND cut the sandwich diagonally. I remember when I was a kid that grownups would aways argue you shouldn’t cut the crust off bread because it’s the most nutritious part and I’d just roll my eyes and ask them if they really think I’m having an after-nap PB&J to get 100% of my daily vitamins and minerals.

Keep going for a couple confusing product shots that prove that, yes, it will fit in different size peanut butter jars. AND apple sauce.