Well that pasta can't be that good then.
Kid Falls Asleep While Eating

Because sometimes sleep demands your attention (except when you really want it two hours past your bedtime), this is a video of a kid struggling and failing to stay awake while eating his *zooms and enhances* pasta nibbles. We’ve all been there. Except now, now I’m never there because when I’m eating is the only time I am awake because it’s the only time I want to be awake. Per one particularly insightful Youtube commenter:

Reminds me of that one time when I went into such a deep sleep and starting sleep walking and locked myself in a room that had no handle inside and I rested my head on a fricking cat potty, I know this sounds embarrassing but screw it I’m just telling y’all

Embarrassing? Not really. But who the hell has a cat potty inside a room with no interior handle? That sounds like a recipe for disaster. Another recipe for disaster: mix one cup of me with six beers and literally anything else.