That'll do, Donkey. That'll do.
Middle School Teacher Unknowingly Dresses Like Shrek, Students Let Her Know

This is a short video of TikTok user and middle school teacher LadyJackBlack discussing how she unknowingly dressed like Shrek for work (how could she not see that?) and multiple students let her know about it. “Where’s Donkey?” I imagine the kids snickering in the hallway. That’s the thing about kids — they can cut you to the bone with their innocence. Grown ups don’t bother me because I know anything hurtful they say is just a result of their disillusionment with, and maladjustment to, adulthood. It’s hard to blame them.

@ladyjackblack BRB, burning this outfit. #middleschool #millenial #teachersoftiktok #shrek ♬ Morning Person (From the Musical "Shrek")[Piano Audition Backing Track in B] – The Accompanist