Nailed it.
Mixologist Provides Commentary For Woman Making World’s Worst Old Fashioned

This is a video of ‘bar industry leader and hospitality expert’ Chris Lowde discussing the technique of JaNee from as she butchers her way through the making of an old fashioned. My favorite part was the mixing from glass to glass and spilling it everywhere. That and the fact she made this one drink strong enough to get two elephants drunk. If she’s working the bar you definitely want to order from her if you want to get your liquor’s worth but don’t care if the drink tastes like rocket fuel filtered through a subway seat.

Keep going for the video while I admire the don’t give a f*ck attitude it must have taken to film this drink making, rewatch it, and still release it. Also, if you’re into this Chris has a ton of others on his TikTok page.

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