Move it grandma, I'm Moonwalkin' here!
Motorized ‘Moonwalker’ Shoes Increase Walking Speed 250%

Currently an already funded Kickstarter campaign, Moonwalkers are $1,100+ motorized shoes that can increase a person’s walking speed up to 250%, from around 2.5MPH to 6 or 7MPH. Each strap-on shoe has eight wheels (so there’s no need to balance), which provide an extra glide after each step. Some more info while I order another pair of Heelies online because I’m saving my $1,100 for Flubber shoes:

Sensors monitor the user’s walking gait while algorithms automatically adjust the power of the motors to match, synchronized between each foot, so the added speed increases and decreases as the user walks faster or slower. A hinged toe section flexes the same way a shoe does, so the Moonwalkers feel more comfortable and natural to walk in.

The shoes feature about a six mile range before needing a recharge, and a tap of the toe on the ground will lock the wheels so you can walk up stairs without tripping and breaking your back. So yeah, walking faster — that’s cool. You know what’s even cooler though? Not walking at all. This was supposed to be the future, where the hell are all the jetpacks?! I’m pissed about it.