My sock.
Pet Bearded Dragon Only Cares About His Sock

This is a video highlighting pet bearded dragon Percy’s affection for one particular grey and peach colored Puma sock. Me? I don’t wear socks and my shoes always smell like garbage. TRUE STORY: One time in college they smelled so bad I stretched them out under the desk in front of me and the girl who sat there started retching.

Every time he sees his sock he runs towards it because he’s obsessed with that specific specific [sock]…he drags it around my room so that he can find the perfect spot to cuddle with it.

So when it comes to laundry day Percy, does not like that he watches me put it in the laundry I have to keep it clean for him because he does roll around with it. so if I put the sock in the wash, he gets all confused then he begins looking for his sock. He ends up running after me as if he’s mad at me for putting it in the laundry. And then when it’s all done and clean, his reaction is priceless.

Yeah, I’m not sure who needs to hear this (presumably his owner), but that’s a love sock. He’s having sex with it. Trust me, I used to have an iguana when I was younger and he had a love shoe. Usually whichever one I was wearing at the time. HIYO, narrate that, David Attenborough!