Shhhhhh -- my show's about to come on!
Praying Mantises In Miniature Living Room Watching TV

Because everybody needs a hobby, and some of those hobbies are a little more…eccentric than others, this is a video from insect enthusiast and one of the UK’s largest breeders (of insects) Adrian Kozakiewicz of some of his praying mantis species hanging out in a miniature living room watching/attacking butterflies on a smartphone acting as a television. Species include Sphodromantis aurea, Hymenopus coronatus, Phyllocrania paradoxa, and Choeradodis stalii. You know I’ve actually considered raising praying mantises as pets before, but what happens if one gets all radioactive and bites me? “I’m not sure, but based on all the glowing praying mantises on your arm, it looks like you’re trying to find out.” I want to join the X-Men so bad!

Keep going for the video, I think my favorite part was at 1:38 when the one mantis scurries into its chair as fast as it can like it’s Saturday morning and its favorite cartoon is about to come on.