"Little plunk..."
How To Replace An Owl Back In Its Kennel After Surgery

This is a video of veterinarian Trent Shradner providing a little how-to for replacing an owl back in its kennel after waking up from anesthesia, a situation any one of us could find ourselves in at any moment. The key is to be aware of the claws, wings, and beak while you let it faceplant on the floor of the kennel. That poor bastard. One minute it’s soaring through the night sky eating field mice, and the next it’s face-down sniffing raccoon piss on the floor of a wildlife hospital kennel. Life comes at you quick — that’s the message here. Or is it the night time is right time?

@drtrentshrader Owls are top-heavy apparently #mondays #owltok #boots ♬ The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Vittorio Fraja

Note: Video HERE in case the above embed doesn’t work and you’re a wildlife vet and need to know this.

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