I warned you not to mess with those punchy bastards!
There Can Be Only One: Octopus Vs Mantis Shrimp

Because Mother Nature dictates there must be a winner and a loser (symbiotic relationships excluded), this is a clip from National Geographic WILD of a California two-spot octopus (aka bimac) who decides mantis shrimp is on the menu tonight, but the would-be catch of the day isn’t having it, repeatedly punching the octopus until it retreats (previously: a mantis shrimp punches a hole in a fisherman’s foot). Damn, one minute you think you’re going to have a nice relaxing meal, and the next you’re being attacked. Reminds me of the first time my girlfriend took me to meet her parents. And the second time. All the times actually. Hey honey what do you say we just stay home for the holidays this year?