Great now I want OREOs.
Whatever Works: 3-D Printed OREO Dunking Skewers

These are the ‘Delightful Dunkers’ 3-D printed and sold by Etsy shop FlipTricks. $8.50 will get you a pack of three skewers designed to pierce and hold the creme filling of an OREO while you dunk the cookie in a glass of milk or, if you’re doing it completely wrong, Kool-Aid. If you’re interested I’d recommend buying some now though before Nabisco reminds them OREO is a registered trademark and they have to remove the logo. Alternatively, eat OREOs the same way I have my whole life: dump six in half a glass milk, let them marinate for five to ten minutes, then tilt back the glass, drink the milk, then tap-tap-tap the OREO sludge into your mouth. My girlfriend thinks it’s gross but she likes licorice jelly beans so her taste really can’t be trusted.