Just how much coffee did you put in your whiskey this morning?
Coffee Mug That Looks Like A Miniature Glass Coffee Pot

This is the Cupa Joe coffee mug made by Barbuzzo and available on Amazon ($20). It holds 20-ounces of coffee and looks like the glass carafe that sits beneath a multi-cup coffee maker. I just bought one because I love novelty coffee mugs. Plus this way the next time my girlfriend notices I’m jittery and asks how much coffee I’ve had this morning I can twitchily hold up the mug and tell her I’m already on my third pot. Then we’ll both have a chuckle and I’ll run through a kitchen wall like the Kool-Aid Man.

Keep going for a few more product shots, including a dude clearly getting a smooch for his choice in drinkware, and another guy trying to will himself a smooch.