Take that, Goldilocks!
Bear Discovers Backyard Grill, Eats All 10 Burgers Cooking

This is a video from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, of a bear discovering a backyard grill currently in use cooking some burgers, and helping itself to all ten of them. I can’t tell if that grill is really flimsy or if that bear is really strong, but the way the grill sways when it touches it is a clear indication of one or the other, and probably both. You ever arm wrestled a bear before? They’re strong. Granted, I’ve never lost to one, but I’ve also never arm wrestled one before because I’m partial to my arms the way they are now: still attached. Same goes for the rest of me, especially my– “Penis!” HEAD.

@melmelll7197 Damn bears ate our dinner tonight #bearweek #gatlinburgtennessee ♬ Paint The Town Red – Doja Cat