*breathes in deeply* What a time to be alive!
Brach’s Releasing Turkey Dinner Flavored Candy Corn

Because how can we even call this the future if we don’t have Willy Wonka’s Three Course Dinner Chewing gum yet, Brach’s has announced it will be releasing Turkey Dinner Candy Corn at Walgreens stores, packages containing six different flavored corns that taste like the various courses of a turkey dinner, including green beans, roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, ginger glazed carrots, sweet potato pie, and stuffing. Mmmmm! And by Mmmmm! I obviously mean Blaaah! I’m kidding I’m sure they’re delicious. *tosses a handful of Skittles in mouth* “Those were shirt buttons.” They’re not good for your teeth, I can tell you that.

Keep going for a couple shots of the actual kernels, as captured by Instagrammer hustlekitten.