Is this a guac making class? Because sign me up!
Guatemalan Chef Demonstrates How To Open An Avocado With No Knife

This is a short clip of a Guatemalan chef demonstrating how to open an avocado with some well placed hand pressure, without the need for a knife. That’s handy(!), because knives and I do NOT get along. Honestly, I’m lucky to still have seven fingers. Still, I’ll probably still open avocados the way I always have: letting them sit on the counter waiting for them to ripen, then forgetting about them for two weeks until they’re shriveled little demon gonads and I have to throw them away.

@dominicanabroad Mayan cooking class in Guatemala how to open avocado w your hands in lake atitlan w @MayanKitchenCookingClass ♬ original sound – Gerry Isabelle