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Happy Hour Gone Wrong: Woman Gets Stuck Upside Down Behind Booth

Because there’s a very fine line between Happy Hour and Unhappy Hour, these are a several videos (one security cam, a couple shot by friends) of a woman getting stuck upside down behind a dining booth and restaurant staff struggling to pull her out while her drunk friends laugh their asses off and film the debacle. It looks like one actually pushed her down there in the first place. Clearly, she needs new friends. What was she doing back there anyways — looking for something she lost? Because that dignity is LONG GONE.

Keep going for the videos while I painfully recall my worst keg stand.

@terrywiddows Reply to @mommalyner89 ♬ original sound – Terry Widdows

@nicshields0 Part 2 #part2 #unveiling #bankholiday #survived ♬ Inside Their Head – TT remix

@nicshields0 Part 2 #part2 #unveiling #bankholiday #survived ♬ Inside Their Head – TT remix

Note: TikTok videos HERE and HERE.

Thanks to JustA, who agrees at least she got drunk in a romper instead of a dress.