Roll to see what dinosaur we clone first.
Jurassic Park Inspired Mosquito In Amber Gaming Dice

Looking for the perfect dice for your next dinosaur themed tabletop role playing game? Well you’re in luck (provided you have a dinosaur themed tabletop role playing game), because die caster Enrica Martiné is releasing a set of Jurassic Park mosquito in amber inspired dice via Kickstarter. The dice are available individually (£10, ~$13) or as a set (£39, ~$51), and with the numbers inked (in a choice of 3 different colors — see second picture below) or uninked, and each includes a 3-D printed plastic mosquito inside. Plus for £100 (~$131) you can add on a chunky 2-inch D20 that’s sure to dent any wooden table you roll it on. Man…I still remember the first time I accidentally dented a nice wooden coffee table rolling a giant D20. I thought my mom was going to FLIP. Then I realized I was at a friend’s house and proceeded to drink all his beer, puke on the sofa and flood his toilet. All in all I’d say a solid game night.

Keep going for more shots, plus the Breaking Bad and IT inspired dice also being released.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees now somebody needs to make dice that look like dirt with little dinosaur skeletons inside.