Local Reporter Gets Hit By Car On Live TV, Takes It Like A Champ

This is a video of WSAZ 3 reporter Tori Yorgey reporting from Dunbar, West Virginia about the inclement weather and a water main break when she’s casually hit by a car, and keeps going. Clearly she went to The Show Must Go On School Of Journalism. Now that is professionalism. Per Tori: “I just got hit by a car but I’m okay, Tim.” To which news anchor Tim Irr back in the studio responds, “Well, that’s a first for you on TV, Tori.” She then goes on to say how sweet the lady who hit her was, and that her whole life just flashed before her eyes. Again, Tim Irr back in the studio: “Eh, that can happen.” My God, I can see why they hired this man. It’s his insight.

Keep going for the worthwhile “I actually got hit by a car in college too just like that.”