Now that -- that looks like a treat.
Move Over, McRib, McDonald’s China Released A Limited Edition Oreo Spam Burger

What has two buns and just puked in his mouth a little? Not me! McDonald’s China just released a limited edition Oreo Spam burger (it was available for a single day, which is terrible news for anybody like me who was genuinely interested and just had to cancel a plane ticket to China after reading more than just the title of an article), which is exactly what it sounds like — crushed Oroes over two pieces of Spam. The burgers are served on a toasted sesame seed bun with a vanilla creme sauce which I mistook for mayo at first. Speaking of — have I ever told you my grandpa once mistook a container of horseradish for mashed potatoes at a buffet and ate a whole heaping spoonful? *holding framed photo of grandpa* I see where I get it from now. I’m talking about my devilish good looks now, just so we’re clear.