Alright, that enough, break it up.
Two Deer Have T-Rex Arm Slappy Fight Over Backyard Corn Supply

This is a video of a duo of wild deer trying to duke it like two t-rexes over munching rights to the backyard treat supply left out for them by ranch owner Gay McMillan of Lake Somerville, Texas. Per Gay while I make a lap around the office challenging coworkers for their snacks:

“That stump is a deer feeder, and we put corn in there and deer food that’s super sweet like dried beets and dried apples that you can buy in a bag,” the animal lover added. “If we’re going to be there on the weekends, we want to see some deer, and that’s why we use it.”

“What’s unique and funny about this is they’re on their hind legs, and they’re in such fighting mood … they look like alien people.”

They do look like alien people is the thing. And how do we know they aren’t? I mean if you aren’t convinced aliens are walking among us right now disguised as deer-people did you even try the brownies I left in the break room? I made them with magic. Just kidding I made them with a ton of laxatives so my boss would poop his Corvette on the drive home and then I could buy it from him for cheap.