Chug it! Chug it! Chug it!
Wine Expert Opens And Tastes A 159-Year Old Bottle Of Port

This is a video of Master Of Wine (I used to be a Master of Canned Beer and Hard Liquor) Konstantin Baum opening and tasting a 159-year old bottle of Burmester port wine bottled way back in 1863. Ah, 1863 — I remember it well. “You’re not an undead warlock.” You can’t prove that. First, Konstantin botches the opening of the bottle attempting to heat and then snap the neck of the bottle off below the cork with port tongs, winding up with half the cork still in the bottle, which he botches again with a corkscrew, dropping a piece of cork into the wine. Eventually he gets to the tasting though, and claims if there was ever a bottle of wine worthy of a 10/10 rating, it is this bottle. That’s high praise. For reference, I once drank an entire Bud Light tallboy before realizing it was being used as an ashtray.

Keep going for the video, but skip to around 5:30 for the opening to begin, and 7:15 for smelling and tasting.