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Yikes: Sherpas Rescue Everest Climber Dangling Above Crevasse

This is a video of a team of sherpas calmly rescuing a Mount Everest climber who falls while crossing a ladder bridge above a crevasse at the Khumbu Icefall. How cool and collected they are — those are definitely the people you want rescuing you from otherwise certain death. Per one Youtube commenter:

The amount of people on that mountain that have no business being there is truly shocking.

I get the desire to climb Everest as a grand personal achievement, but how about starting smaller? Maybe like, finishing all your vegetables so your mom lets you have dessert. I mean that’s an accomplishment too, plus it ends with ice cream and not dying.

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  1. TheCureForHope

    Don’t go to Everest. John Oliver had a full episode of his show about it. It ridiculous. People die just waiting in line at the top unable to summit because there are 200+ people in line in front of them. They want to have other people that are competent climbers drag their asses up there so they can post on instagram. People just die in line, like a deadly Disneyland ride without any ride, just a line. And no churros or cotton candy. Just go to Disney. When it’s safe. In a long time from now. It’s just about money now, it’s not about climbing. If you die, you just stay up there usually. No one wants to even drag your popsicle ass down the mountain so you just become part of the landscape like all the other people who have lost their lives. Just donate the money to a good cause and go here to get your goddamn selfie:

    1. Deksam

      Oh great… And here I just added Everest to my bucket list, just the other day… Welp, at least it is the very last thing on that list.

      1. TheCureForHope

        I think it was Mandy Moore that was spotted at Everest base camp looking to find a group to ascend. It’s just wild that people with no business on that mountain are looking for a spiritual journey or a photo op.