Bat Shaped Face Masks For Halloween Or Everyday Witch Wear

These are the Bat Masks developed and sold by fashion brand Mantrap 1989 by Heathyr Lawrence. The look like bats and are hand-sewn from four panels of 100% cotton sheeting for an authentic bat look. Unfortunately for anybody who hasn’t already made a small fortune selling potions in the swamp, a Bat Mask will set you back $44. That’s Bruce Wayne kinda money! No, I’m afraid I’ll just have to stick to my current mask. “That looks like a bandana soaked in gasoline.” I feel like the gasoline offers another layer of protection against airborne pathogens. “It absolutely doesn’t though.” Sure, sure, but I feel like it does.

Keep going for several more shots as well as a short slow-motion video of a woman modeling the mask at her local Walgreens.