I'm flying Jack!
Vino, A Corkscrew That Looks Like A Bat With Wings That Move As A Bottle Is Opened

This is Vino, a corkscrew/bottle opener combo designed by Adi Kafri for OTOTO Studio (available here on Amazon for $23) that looks like a little bat. The bat’s wings move up and down as a bottle is opened and the cork is pulled out. Speaking of — I think I’ll have another splash after all. “Of wine? It’s not even 10AM.” Whoever perpetuated the idea that wine isn’t a morning drink is a liar and *inhaling deeply* I smell a conspiracy perpetrated by the mimosa and bloody mary industries. “I’m pretty sure that’s coming from your toaster oven.” Oh no — my toaster strudels! *balling fist* Curse you, breakfast wine.

Keep going for a few more shots and a short stop-motion video of the bat flappin’.