You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up
A Robotic Coconut Harvester Designed To Help Reduce Human Injury

This is a video of a remote controlled robotic coconut harvester being developed in India as a result of a shortage of current model coconut harvesters, which are actual human beings who climb 50-feet into a coconut tree, then hold on with one hand while hacking off coconut stems with a machete in the other. The design seems okay-ish, but I’m curious whether or not they’ve already experimented with a quadrocopter design that can just fly up and cut the stems. That seems like it would be significantly less complicated and time consuming. I mean, sure, you have a drone with a chainsaw flying above your head, but it’s not like you didn’t already have to watch out for falling coconuts. “Wow, that might be the most sensical suggestion you’ve ever made.” I take it back! They should build a gun that shoots giant ninja stars.

Thanks to my mom, who agrees it’s important to always weigh all your options.