What in the...
Dog Head Turns Into A Cat’s Ass

Because I’m covering all the hard-hitting news today (and every day — the Pulitzer prize committee should just hire me to give prizes to myself), this is a video of a dog head that turns into a cat. Crazy — one second it’s a dog’s head, and the next it’s a cat’s ass. Now that’s a magic show I would pay to see in real life. I mean, provided no animals are harmed in the performance of the trick. You can saw all the people in half that you want to though, especially the people I came with.

@cactusshark888 Well that had me nervous 😅 #WhatsGoingOn #TiempoParaMi #MustBeNice ♬ original sound – CactusShark

Thanks again to JustA, who basically did my job for me today. At least I made chili to earn my keep around here.