Finally, A Decent Convertible Car Inflatable Pool Float

Seen here being modeled by a man pretending to change his own gears, this is the Giant Convertible Car Inflatable Pool Float created by Hoovy and available on Amazon. The $100 float is over eight feet long, almost five feet wide, has a suggested weight limit of 300-pounds, and is the perfect raft for cruising a pool wearing your Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Did I mention it has two cup holders? Drinking and driving? Not cool. Drinking and floating? Also not cool, you could drown and that sign clearly says ‘NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY’. “No, that sign says ‘WELCOME TO OUR OOL. NOTICE HOW THERE’S NO P IN IT? PLEASE KEEP IT THAT WAY!'” *spit-takes White Claw* Oh my God I need that sign except for my ullout bed when I have guests sleep over.